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Hello Blogger,

I’m Hardik Sonawala, from India. If you’re from outside of India, You will find my name weird but In India, Hardik means from the heart.

I am an engineer by education and Blogger by profession.

Hardik Sonawala founder of blogging shala

I’d started learning blogging in 2017 when I’d just completed my engineering.

I was waiting for my final results. So, I had lots of free time. I decided to take advantage of my free time.

I started to learn blogging by Youtube but never started my blog in those early days (one of the biggest mistakes I made!)

After some days, I started my first blog on the free hosted network (Blogger by Google).

After 5-7 months, No traffic on my blog. I thought I’m writing about the wrong niche. I failed!

After the first blog failure, again I started a new blog same with the free hosted network. The history repeated. Again No traffic and eventually my blog Failed!

Within 10-12 months, I thought that blogging is not my cup of tea because I got no traffic. Eventually, my blogs were failed. I moved on to other things.

I’d focused on my career in engineering. I’d started a job as a Civil engineer in a small company. The job is quite good but the salary was not decent.

After that, I changed different companies. But, every time I found that the job is not made for me!

One day, I’d just started googling about blogging. Now I became more serious and want to give it try AGAIN. I started reading blogs every single day.

From my learning, I found that every professional blogger suggests, to start with a self-hosted blog to make money online.

…and one day I decided to start my own self-hosted blog.

I wanted to start a self-hosted blog to learn the basics of blogging.

In 2018, I purchased a domain and hosting account. Installed WordPress and started writing.

I’d only focused on learning “how to blog” rather than making money out of it.

After day by day, my writing skill gets better. Whatever I’d learned, I implemented it to my blog.

I used to read more blogs. I used to write more.

After 3 months, I got my first affiliate sale of $0.80. Oh! God, I never forgot that day.

At that time I’d realised that making money online is LEGIT.

I thought If I close 1 sale, I can do 100 or 1000 too.

So, I started working hard on my blog and eventually, my sale numbers were increased hence my commission too.

In 2020, I’d started Bloggingshala.com for the people who want to start their own blog and want to make passive income.

And I also want to document my journey to building a successful online business.

So, any newbie can replicate my strategies and make a decent source of income.

I’m the witness of struggle, failure and success. So, I can connect with YOU easily.

I already came from the path that you want to join or joined.

So, I can try my best to make you a better blogger through this blog.

I’m not an EXPERT or PRO blogger yet. I’m still learning it.

…but I take action and that’s why I’m able to make money out of my blogs.

Through this blog, I’ll guide you on how to start a blog and make money out of it by affiliate marketing.

On this blog “BloggingShala” I’ll share actionable blogging strategies, that worked for me to increase my blog revenue.

And I hope it would work for you too if you follow my exact strategies.

From my experience, I would say only one thing.

Don’t waste your time only learning.


First learn, then implement whatever you learned.

If you don’t implement, You will be wasting your time the way I wasted a year.

Learning + Implementing= Success

Need help or any query?

Drop a Mail: hardik [@] bloggingshala [dot] com

Instagram Id: Bloggingshala

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