Avoid These 11 Beginner Blogging Mistakes to be a Popular Blogger

My first two blogs FAILED.

Because I’d made the same mistakes twice!

The HARSH truth I learned lately… 

If you don’t figure out and improve your blogging mistakes earlier, you won’t survive long in this industry.

In this blog post, I’d put together 11 beginner blogging mistakes that I’d made and I’m seeing the newbie makes.

After going through this blog post if you figure out and improve your blogging mistakes that I’d mentioned… 

I’m sure you will increase your blog growth FASTER.

So, ready to explore the LIST?

Beginner Blogging Mistakes

Beginner blogging mistakes

Learning but never implementing

Blogging is all about learning and implementing. 

Most of the people just grabbing the information from here and there. But, NEVER implementing it in the real scenario.

Don’t worry! I’d also did the same mistake 😉.

For the 8-9 months I’d continuously consumed content around “how to blog” and “make money blogging” topics.

You will be wondering educating ourselves is a wonderful thing, How it would be a mistake?

Let me clear you.

I’d WASTED 9 months only grabbing the information but NEVER started a single blog. 

Speed is important in this digital era my friend. You need to react fast.

Don’t overthink and deep dive into the blogging ocean.

You could swim or sink!

If you sink, you ain’t lose anything! (barely $70/year)

But if you swim the new opportunities will be OPEN for you.

So, what’s your choice?

I would always be going with the swim (even though I don’t know how to! I would carry a life jacket 😉 )


If you want to learn blogging, then you have to start your blog first.

Start your blog to learn how to blog.

And then implement all the strategies in your blog, that you’ve learned. Consider initial days as a learning curve.

Thankfully for starting a blog on your own, you don’t need to be a coder.

You just need a domain and hosting account and WordPress as a blogging platform.

Within few clicks, you can get your blog LIVE.

(for BloggingShala reader, Bluehost offer you hosting for only $3.95/mo with a free domain for the first year)

Like I said blogging is a practical game. If you don’t practice it, you won’t win it.

The wrong niche selection

Riches are in the niches

Niche selection will decide, whether you get success or not in the blogging journey!

You can’t write on EVERYTHING if you want to make money out of it.

And no one likes to read your personal life story. Please don’t do it until you’re a celebrity!

Blog on a specific niche gives you more opportunities to grow.

Choose a niche that you love to write.

It will be anything like home decor tips, tech and gadgets, cooking recipes, travelling, fitness, marketing, and the list goes on.

Why I said, choose a topic that you love!

If I told you personal finance is a profitable niche to start a blog.

And somehow you managed to start a blog around it, but you don’t like this topic. 

In the first 2 months, you will work on it aggressively. But after some days you’re getting bored to write content on that topic.

You’ll lose the consistency.

You’re not enjoying what you are doing!

And eventually, you’ll FAIL.

If you don’t want to fail in your blogging journey, then start a blog on a topic that you love to write about anytime.

Make sense?


(If you’re confused to find a niche for your blog I’d written an in-depth article on finding a blog niche.)

Choose a niche that you love to write and see if you provide value to your readers or not!

This is the HARSH truth, your readers won’t care about you. They don’t see your hustle.

If you won’t provide the values or information they’re looking for, they simply hit that small close button and never return back to your blog.

If you provide values, they will come again and again and you will monetize your blog in the future and make money out of it.

Let’s take an example of this blog BloggingShala.

I’m teaching you and showing you a path to build a profitable blogging business.

Aren’t you getting value or information here?

Going with a free hosted platform

Free vs self hosted

I’d started my first blog on the free hosted platform(blogger). I’d written 20+ blog posts. 

After 7-10 months, no traffic appeared.

I got frustrated and thought I’d selected the wrong niche. 

And I’d stopped working on that blog and it’s sunk slowly like a Titanic.

But again, I started a new blog on a SAME free hosted platform and the history repeated. No traffic.

I felt blogging is not my cup of tea. After the first 2 blogs failed, I wondered if everyone is making money, then why I’m NOT!

I’d started to find a solution. I searched on google “blog income report” and checked their blogs. 

From my research, I found ONE common thing in every blogger who earns a decent income has a self-hosted blog.

In 2018, I’d purchased a domain and hosting account. Installed WordPress and started writing the content.

I have been monetized my blog through the Amazon affiliate program.

I’d implemented all the strategies into my blog, that I’d learned. 

first affiliate income

After three months, I got the FIRST affiliate sale of $0.80.

That feeling was AMAZING, I can’t express it in the words.

After struggling for a year, somehow I found a way to make money online. From that day I’d never looked back.

Look, I’m not saying that the free hosted platform is bad. But if you want to make some real CASH you have to start a self-hosted blog.

Let’s understand by example:

You plant a seed in your land lord’s area, he gives permission that time.

You’d provided the proper amount of water and fertilizer to seed for faster growth.

After a couple of years, it becomes a big tree and fruits are coming on it.

If the landlord of the area decided to take all the fruits, then what happens?

You can’t do anything because the place is his! 

The free-hosted blog is the same as the landlord’s place. He has power. He can change his policy anytime. 

So, better to start with the self-hosted blog for real cash. Where you can do whatever with your blog.

Never focusing on writing skill

Ugh! Writing QUALITY content is real PAIN for any blogger.

I struggled a lot because English is not my native language.

Grammarly tool helped me to find and fix my typo and grammar errors.

I’d installed their free plugin into my chrome browser and am all set to writing the cheesy words.

The good thing is, the free version is more than enough for a beginner.  

In my earlier days, I used to write like a SHIT! Even I don’t like to read my own content. 

But day after day I’d fixed it via PRACTICE.

If you reading till here, I can say my writing skill get better than in the earlier days.

Writing a great piece of content is a SKILL. You can sharpen your writing skill with practice.

Use google doc and write every day. Write in a simple language that 9 years old children can understand.

Write a short paragraph. 2-3 sentences in a para look clean. Add proper headings and sub-headings.

Add pictures, graphs, screenshots whenever needed.

Read different blogs on your niche. Analyse how they are writing their content. Believe me, It will help A LOT.

If your content is easy to scannable and readable for the readers, you’ll get HUGE traffic spike in the coming days. 

If readers love your content they’ll spend more time reading your blog, It sends a signal to Google that your blog has high-quality content. 

Google’s only goal is to serve its audience well. If you fulfil these criteria definitely Google will send more eyeballs to your site.

Never Perform Keyword Research

In my earlier days, I do write blog posts according to my preference. That means I didn’t perform keyword research.

I’d write blog posts as per my need and waiting for the traffic like a lottery system.

After 8-9 months of blogging, I’d discovered KEYWORD RESEARCH.

…and after that day, I never looked back. I’m always doing keyword research first before writing any blog post.

And believe me, This strategy alone make my blog ranked in top results with industry leaders blogs.

That’s why almost every PRO blogger believe that Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO campaign.

If you didn’t perform keyword research, I highly suggest investing your time in finding low-competition keywords.

No schedule, never treat a blog as a business

blog business

Most newbies take blogging as a hobby. Well, I’m not against them.

But when you take it as a business you’ll see massive earnings growth.

I’m not consistent in my first year and don’t have any schedule to write content.

The first year I’d written only 11 articles on my blog.

After 8-9 months, my organic traffic got a spike. I got the affiliate sales almost every day. 

Those days I realised that if I used to write more blog posts in the beginning I might be able to earn more money!

Then I started to take blogging as a business. I’d prepared the work-week plan for my blog and try to complete it.

If you’re working from the home wearing boxer that doesn’t mean you can’t stay consistent.

Make a plan or schedule. Stick to it. Simple 🙂 And don’t forget to take off whenever needed.

That’s why they said:

Consistency is the key to success

If you stay consistent in blogging, definitely you will taste SUCCESS. 

Neglecting power of social media

We are living in an ERA of social media. Everyone uses social media from your mom to your cousin. 

Start sharing your content on social media. So, people can see your content. 

According to TechJury, 4.4 million blog posts are published every single day. How would you stand out?

Social media will become your good friend. Share your blog post on your social media network.

I don’t know the power of social media in my earlier days. I’d totally neglected it. I lost the traffic and sale from social media!

I’m not telling you to be active on every social media network. But be active and promote your posts where you hang out more. 

It could be Instagram or Facebook or anything. 

Pro tip: If you want traffic in your initial days, make an account on Quora and Pinterest and start sharing content related to your niche.

If you stay consistent on these networks, you will get HUGE traffic from them for sure.

SEO is the KING to get the targeted traffic but SEO takes time to jump off if your website is fresh.

So, for the initial traffic, you can rely on social media and if everything goes well you could build your community or fan base on social media as well.

Chasing the money only

Yeah! I know. Everyone is here for making money. 

For making money, please never misguide your readers. It affects in long term branding of your blog.

If you promoting any product on your blog, make sure that the product is best for your readers. 

Don’t promote a waste product for only getting a high commission. You will make money, but you’ll lose the trust.

On BloggingShala, I promote the products that I’m personally using/used and are truly beneficial for my readers.

Because I also came from the path that you’re hustling on right now.

Most amateur bloggers show display ads everywhere on their blogs.

Sometimes the readers get annoyed and confused by seeing ads all over the website and exit the page.

It reminds google, that your blog post is not worth reading. Google will push you down in the search results.

I’m not saying showing ads is bad. But showing ads EVERYWHERE is a bad practice. Do in a certain limit.

Poor mindset and lack of patience

blogging mindset

I just want to give you a single blogging tip, If you have patience you will dig a BIG chunk in Blogging. 

Every pro-blogger has gone through this phase. You can call it the “patience phase”.

In the patience phase, you see no traffic, no affiliate sales, no comments, no shares to your blog. 

But you don’t have to QUIT blogging if you’re working on a profitable niche.  

Traffic will come, affiliate sales will happen. Just gone through the patience phase and keep working on your project.

I personally felt this in my blogging career. I started my self hosted blog to learn the basics of blogging.

And after a year it became my asset, till date I’m making passive income from my first self hosted blog.

In short, If you want to start blogging. Please stay consistent for a year and never quit anyhow.

If you’re working on a profitable niche and staying consistent for a year, definitely you will taste the SUCCESS.

Focusing on Quantity over Quality

Have you ever heard it?

Blogging is a game of Quality.

Yes! It’s true.

I highly recommend you to make a high-quality post rather than a low-quality many posts. 

In my first year I’d published only 11 articles, but High-quality ones. That’s why I’m able to make passive income from it.

Check your competitors and find where their content is LACKING. Now, add more thorough information than your competitors.  

Now, You’re all set with a more thorough and quality post.

Not Building an email list

The email list has REAL money. The email list will become your asset. So, start building your list from day 1.

I’d never started list building in my first year of blogging and I’m still regretting it.

If you practice email marketing properly, you get $38 ROI per $1 spend. That is HUGE.

You can learn email marketing by practising itself.

First of all, you have to capture the leads (the traffic on your website).

To capture leads, you can give away some valuable content to exchange a person’s email address.

The lead magnet will be anything that provides value to the reader. It could be a checklist, cheat sheet, video course, e-book anything.

If you want to learn more about list building, this blog post could help you.

There are a couple of POWERFUL email marketing tools available that offer free service for the newbie.

You could try Mailerlite, It’s completely free for the first 1,000 email subscribers.


As I said, everyone is making mistakes. But you have to fix it as soon as possible.

You’d read the whole post. You get a LIST of blogging mistakes that I’d made in my earlier days. 

So, I believe you’re not a newbie anymore!

You know something that most newbie blogger hasn’t discovered yet.

Try to fix any of the blogging mistakes if you are making.

Let me know in the comment section…

Which beginner blogging mistakes currently are you making?

If you find NO mistakes in your blogging journey, cheers to you. You’re going great!

Share this article with your blogger friends, so they will also know about their blogging mistakes.  


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