14 Actionable Beginner Blogging Tips to Skyrocket Blog Growth in 2022

Starting a blog is not a difficult task, but growing a blog will be!

But if you publish quality content with the right strategy, you will surely taste the SUCCESS.

I’ve been blogging since 2017 and I’ve made hundreds of blogging mistakes and learned a lot from them.   

In this blog post, I’d put together 14 actionable beginner blogging tips that helped me to grow my blogging business from scratch.

It will definitely help you to grow your blog if you take ACTION.

So, ready to take action?

Beginner blogging tips

Beginner Blogging Tips

Sharpen your writing skill

Blogging is all about writing quality content. If you write engaging content, people love to read your blog.

You can’t write on a blog like you used to write an essay in your 8th std. Make sense?

I’m damn sure, You’ve didn’t even read after the first line from the above image.

This is not reader-friendly.

People going to bounce back from your blog post if you write like this.

Make content scannable. People love to scan your copy and if they like it, they will read it carefully.

  • Add headings, sub-headings, bullet points, infographics, images whenever possible.
  • A short paragraph always works like a charm. 2-3 sentences in a paragraph is a sweet spot.

Ankit Singla developed a unique formula to make crisp paragraphs that people love to read. He calls it, PEN formula.

P= Point

E= Explain

N= Next

Put point that you want to draw attention to your reader in the first sentence. Explain your point in the second sentence. 

Move to the next point in the last sentence.

Check the example of PEN formula writing below,

writing flow example

Did you notice? I also try to write as a PEN formula.

Confused? Let me help you to understand with an infographic.

Writing flow by PEN formula


There is no thumb rule to write a blog post only in the PEN formula. You can write as you need.

Just try to write in a flow, so the reader gets attached to your content.

Simple 🙂

Avoid extra words from your copy. I used to write like this in my earlier days,

Look, How fluffy words (red underlined words) make my content BORING.

Now, I used to write like this,

On point, without Fluff!

Try to write content without fluffy words.

You can use the Grammarly tool to improve your grammar mistakes. It’s a FREE tool.

Just install the chrome extension and you’re good to go 😎.

Writing quality content is a skill and Nobody is born with good writing skills. 

But, you can develop writing skills through practice. Practice makes you better than yesterday.

Write daily in your google doc. It’s been anything. Just write and Keep practising!

Set a small milestone and treat yourself after fulfilling it

If you want to make money from blogging, you need to treat your blog as a BUSINESS.

All the businesses have certain goals to complete within a months-if not years. Set a small milestone for yourself.

It could be anything from publishing 5 blog posts in a month to read 2 articles in a day on your niche.

Give yourself a treat or reward whatever you liked, when you accomplish your goals.

In my earlier days, I used to treat myself with double cheese Margherita pizza for completing my goals 😉.

I know It’s not a healthy option though 🙂 You should try a better one!

In short, just ENJOY the process. 

Blogging is a marathon, YOU have to go way far! It becomes easy for you if you enjoy every small milestone.

Practice image SEO

I believe you’ve been already blogging and you must be aware of the SEO.

But most of the newbies forget about Image SEO.

Google couldn’t able to see images, but they read the images.

What do I mean by that?

Google crawling bots will identify your images by alt text/tags you enter inside the image.

…and luckily WordPress offers a manual image alt text option. You’ll find it in the “add media” section of your WordPress editor.

Image SEO

So, if someone searching with that keyword chances are more your image show up in the results if you’d well optimised your keyword.

…and it increases your traffic.

Image SEO click

Here, I got 130 organic clicks in a month just by optimising images.

Not bad, huh?

So, try to add at least one image in your blog post and put your main keyword into the image alt tag/text option to increase your organic traffic.

I’ve put together an in-depth guide on how to increase website traffic with Image SEO. Check out once if you struggling to increase your traffic.

Set up Google search console account

Google search console help to index your blog on Google, So Google bot can crawl your website and list it in the search results.

To set up your GSC account,

First of all, you have to link your website with GSC.

Go to Google search console. Enter your email id.

The page should look like this,

Enter your domain name into the first box and click on the continue.

You get a page like this, where you have to do verify your domain name.

To verify the domain, Copy the code and paste it into your hosting server’s TXT record.

Every hosting company has a different C-panel. You can ask for help from your hosting customer support to find “TXT record”.

But, Let me give you a small overview.

Go to your hosting account. Find the Domain section and look for “DNS zone”.

When you click on the DNS zone, you get a “TXT record” option.

Now, Enter the code into the TXT record’s “Value” box, which you copied from the Google search console.

Alright, You pasted your TXT record into the hosting service.

Now hit verify button on Google Search Console.

Congratulations! Your domain is verified.

Sometimes Google takes time to verify your domain ownership. So, if you get an error message, wait for a day.

Now, the next step is to submit a sitemap. Sitemap indicates to Google that your website’s pages exist and are ready to rank.

For submitting a sitemap, open your GSC account and from the left side menu, click on the “sitemaps” icon.

I assume you’re using any SEO plugin in your WordPress. If not! then install the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.

Go to Yoast>General>Features from your WordPress dashboard.

Find the “XML sitemaps” option and click on the “Question-mark” icon.

Now click on the “See the XML sitemap” option.

It redirects you to the new page, where you can find your sitemap URL link.

Sitemap should look like this,

Now, copy the URL link and paste it into the GSC and hit submit button. Done!

Now, Google will start indexing all the pages of your website.

Easy steps 🙂

Wisely choose hosting service

This is a debatable topic. Different people have different points of view.

Let me share with you my point of view regarding the hosting service…

Don’t fall into the traps of FREE or CHEAP web hosting services. 

Hosting plays a vital role in your blog speed and loading time.

And google admitted, they love the website which has fast loading time.

Remember, the way you pay more, you get better service. Buy hosting according to your budget and user reviews.


If you’re a beginner I recommend using Bluehost. It is easy to access for a beginner. 

For BloggingShala reader, Bluehost exclusively offer you 60% discounts and a Free domain for the first year.

If you’re an advanced blogger, go with WPX hosting.

Find low-competition keywords

Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO campaign.

Keyword research will decide whether you get organic traffic or not.

If you’re a beginner, I always suggest finding long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are more specific and have low competition compare to the short-tail keyword.

Look below, I entered the affiliate marketing keyword into Ubersuggest.

It shows me a 49 “SEO difficulty” score.

…and on the other hand, I searched for the long-tail keyword affiliate marketing for beginners“.

It shows me a 21 “SEO difficulty” Score.

The second keyword is easy to rank compare to the first one.

That’s why I suggest targeting long-tail keywords if you’re a beginner.

Best tools to find the keyword ideas:

  • AnswerThePublic.com (free)
  • Quora’s Question page (free)
  • Google keyword planner (free)
  • Ubersuggest (freemium)
  • SEMrush (7 days free-trial + Paid)

I’m not going deep on keyword research here. I had already written an in-depth article on the keyword research guide.

Never misguide your readers

This is the most crucial topic. If you want to build a brand, never misguide your readers.

Your readers are your asset. Treat them as your customers but never sell them garbage.

Suggest a product or service that you really use or you personally believe it will be best for your readers.

Provide value to your readers by giving away free materials. It could be cheatsheet, video course, e-book, templates anything.

Don’t chase money. It will come for SURE. Just focus on building your brand.

Build an eco-system

Don’t rely only on Google for traffic. Build multiple traffic sources.

Google continuously change their algorithm. Nobody knows when google comes up with a new algorithm. 

Sometimes new algorithm hits your website down from SERPs, and you lose traffic.

(SERPs: Search engine result pages)

If you have a blog audience in your eco-system. You will never be scared by the new Google algorithm update.

That’s why I SUGGEST, to build an eco-system. 

Blog eco-system

Now, You wondering, How to build an eco-system?

Easy process 🙂

Add a free lead magnet to your blog. Give away high-quality content as a lead magnet.

If your blog readers are interested in the lead magnet, they will signup for it as an exchange for their email ids.

Now you have the email ids of your readers.

So, you can email your new blog post, e-book, course, affiliate product, or anything to your readers instantly via the email marketing tool.

(Don’t spam them otherwise they will unsubscribe you!)

You can make a separate lead magnet page as well like this one I’d specially made to help the beginner blogger.

According to Hubspot, email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent.

Sounds amazing?

Even, you can ask your readers to connect with you on different platforms like Youtube, Twitter, FB page, Linkedin or telegram channel via email.

If you’d already provided values to your reader, chances are more your reader can connect with you on different social media platforms.

How to drive traffic in the initial days?

SEO is a major weapon to drive traffic, but it takes time. 

For initial traffic, you should use social media. Share your post on social media platforms where you hang out more.

Quora and Pinterest work like a charm for initial traffic momentum.

Quora is a question-answer based platform. Where the real person asks and answers the questions-and-answers.

To make an account on quora. First of all, visit Quora.

You get a page like this, just sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

Now Quora ask you about your Interest. This way quora try to understand you and showing feed according to your interest.

Select at least 10 topics to move on to the next step.

Next and last step is, to follow at least 5 space to start on. Quora space is “like-minded people’s community”.

Done! You’re ready to ask questions and give answers.

Enter any keyword or keyphrase to search Question in the magnifying box. You will see tons of questions appeared related to your keyword.

Click on any of the questions you want to answer.

When you click on the “Answer” icon, you get a page like below, Where you can write the answer.

You can insert images and your blog link, whenever possible. Don’t spam your link here and there otherwise Quora will BAN you. 

Pinterest is also a great platform to drive traffic to your blog. You have to make a catchy image to gain traffic. 

According to Hootsuite, 335 million monthly users on Pinterest and continuously growing.

Pinterest works as an image search engine. Look, I entered the keyword “blogging tips” and I get tons of results.

So, people are searching for images here. The key feature is you can add your blog post link on Pinterest.

If anyone finds your PIN(Image) interesting, he/she will click on the link that you entered and land to your blog post.

Isn’t it amazing!  

To make a business account on Pinterest, head over to Pinterest.

pinterest business account signup

Now, Click on create a business account.

Fill up the name of your brand and add your website URL.

Now, Pinterest asks for your brand’s main focus. select according to your niche.

…and in the last step explain your brand’s category,

Done! You’re ready to explore Pinterest.

You can publish Pin with your URL link. So if someone clicks on your pin, he/she will land to your website.

However, If you already have a Pinterest personal account then you should convert it into the business account in a few steps.

Go to your profile, and select for “Add a free business account” option, fill the necessary details and done.

You can find your Pin’s performance like Clicks, Saves, and Impression in the analytic dashboard section.

Make sure to use targeted keywords in the title, description, and pinboards.

Optimize your profile according to your niche, so you get more exposure. 

Believe me, if you optimize your profile as well pins you will definitely get HUGE traffic.


Pinterest SEO is a little bit tricky if you’re a beginner.

My friend Marina has launched a FREE course on Pinterest for new bloggers.

Sign up for it and you will get step by step information on how to set up and optimize your business Pinterest account for more traffic.

The premium theme is always better than the free one

Most beginner uses a free theme for their blog. I also used free themes in my earlier days.

But, the free theme comes with a limitation. It has poor coding which slows down your blog loading speed.

And you know! Google loves website which has fast loading speed.

It’s ok to use free themes in the initial days, but if you want to build a business that makes money, you have to look out for a premium theme.

I recommend, to use the Generatepress premium theme. It’s lightweight, FAST, and more SEO-friendly.

On this blog, I use the Generatepress premium theme and to be very honest it’s one of the fastest and budget-friendly themes around.

With this coupon code, you will get a 10 % discount exclusively for the BloggingShala reader 🙂

If you want to use free themes, then make sure you choose themes only from the WordPress themes dashboard.

Any third-party free themes will ruin your blog anytime!

Re-invest money into the business

Every growing business has a single set rule. Make a profit and re-invest some amount of profit to grow business.

Since your blog is also business for you, you can do the same as a big firm doing.

Re-invest your profit into the growth of your business.

I actually do it actively. I re-invest my profit percentage into paid courses to learn new things, premium tools that help me to grow my business.

Money helps make more money!

Headline matter a lot

The headline is the first thing people notice and decide whether to read a blog post or not.

So, make attractive headlines that people love to click on.

It doesn’t mean, that make a CLICKBAIT headline. It only ruins your google ranking.

Make short (60-70 words) and on-point headlines.

You can use Coschedule’s free headline analyzer tool for crafting better headlines.

headline analyzer tool

Enter your pre-crafted headline in headline analyzer tool and it will give you score according to their set rule.

Make sure, you get a higher score for your headline.

Buzzsumo analyzes 100 million headlines…

..and they get a conclusion:

  • Strong emotion makes your content more sharable.

  • Use Power words to get more clicks.

Example of power words:








Exclusive, etc…

  • Numbers and brackets into headlines lead to more clicks.

Look below the example of numbers and brackets in the headlines,

If you want to create a killer headline, check out this guide.

Pro tip: Draft at least 11 different headlines for your post and choose the best one which is more presentable.

Blog post introduction

First 2-3 paragraphs will decide whether the user read or not your full blog post.

If your intro is not engaging, user bounces back and it carries a negative effect on your ranking.

The one set rule I almost follow in my all post.

Start with the pain point of the user. Next, give an idea of how their problems will solve out with your blog post.

Then, without fluff dive straight into the point.

Everyone is busy! No one likes to read FLUFF.

Business email is a must

If you treating your blog as a business, make sure you use the business email rather than the standard g-mail id.

Business mail id looks like this:

[email protected]

Standard mail id looks like this:

[email protected]

Business mail id looks more professional and your readers may trust you more when you send them emails.

Many hosting providers offer business email services. You can opt-in for them as well.

You can go with Zoho mail, Which is free by the way, to make a business email.

zoho mail overlook

Check out this guide, to make your free business email with Zoho mail.

Final Words

Blogging is a game of practice and patience.

Stay consistent and apply the right strategy to grow your blog.

If you’re working on an Ideal niche and publish QUALITY content, soon you will notice your blog growth.

Let me know in the comments, Which blogging tips you liked the most?

Is it a PEN writing formula?


Building an ecosystem?

If you find these beginner blogging tips helpful, then share it with your blogger friend.

Sharing is caring 🙂


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