3 Simple Steps to Find Your Niche in Blogging (that make money)

I agree with you, finding a niche in blogging is not an easy task.


If I say it’s an easy task for YOU, after going through this blog post…

…do you going to believe me!

I will be helping you to find your niche in blogging by my SIMPLE 3 step’s process

My first blog was a FAILURE just because of the wrong niche selection.

In my 3+ years of blogging journey, I have learned a lot.

…and, now it’s my responsibility to give you my SAME formula to finding a niche in blogging.

But, before moving to “3 step’s process” to find your niche in blogging let’s clear the basics first.

What is niche blogging?

Niche blogging means producing specific content for specific people.

You have to target a very specific market rather than a general market.

What do I mean by the specific market? 

Let me explain to you,

Fitness is a popular niche among the blogger.

But, if you divide “fitness” into deeper levels, you can find more specific niche ideas.

finding micro niche for fitness market

Rather than writing about everything on fitness, if you write around “yoga” only you will get a much more specific audience.

So here “fitness” is the general market…

..and “yoga” is a more specific market.

Are you getting my point?

Cool 🙂

Why do you even care about your niche?

I know you love to write for everyone. But it doesn’t work if you’re a beginner. 

Let’s understand by “yoga” example with 2 different cases.

In case 1, Let’s say your reader is interested in the “yoga” topic. He found your site through a search engine.

If he loves your content he will check your different blog posts too. 

But if you write only a single blog post around yoga, what will happen next?

Chances are more your reader hit the close button and NEVER visit again.

Because your reader is more interested in the “yoga” topic, but your website doesn’t have related content around the “yoga” topic…

…you LOST your reader! And maybe future sale too!

In case 2, your reader lands on your blog post around “yoga” topic. 

Now your website is only around “yoga” topics and you have more content related to yoga.

And, if he loves your post then he will definitely check your other post too.

That way, he will stick around your blog and chances are more he will be your future customer.

Now, convince? 

Cool 🙂

Let’s move on to 3 step’s process to find your niche in blogging…

How to find your niche in blogging

3 step’s process to find your niche in blogging

Step #1: Find your passion/interest

Step #2: Do market research

Step #3: Find a way to monetise your blog

…and Start your money-making blog.

Step #1: Find your passion/interest

You may hear it everywhere, select a niche that you’re passionate about.

Why is it important? Why should you care about your interest/passion?

Look, Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to go way far to achieve SUCCESS.

If you are passionate about your niche, you will not get bored after a while. 

In the earlier days, I had started a blog on weight loss (fitness) niche. I purchased a domain and started a blog…

….till date, I only write 1 article on that blog. 


Because I’m NOT interested in the weight loss niche. 

(Although, it is a bright niche market only if you like it)

So, first of all, find a topic that you’re passionate or interested in. 

Do you know your passion? 

Let me help you.

Grab a pen and paper, make a list of topics you love to read, watching videos or doing things personally.

finding your niche in blogging

After completing your list, sort it out with the 5 most favourite topics.

Now, you have a list of your interests. Simple 🙂

Still, confused to find the interest or passion?

Your smartphone will be your best friend to find your niche in blogging.

Open your smartphone. Check to google chrome or safari or which browser you use the most.

Now, check the history of your browser. 

Which content you consume more in the last couple of days.

Is it from the same topic?


Now, do the same with your youtube account. 

I’m damn sure you will FIND your interest. 

You can even ask these question to yourself to find your niche in blogging,

Which topic do I love to talk about with my friends?

Which field am I studying? OR What is my education?

Which things make me happy all day, every day?

If you are still confused to find your niche, let’s take Amazon’s help to find an ideal yet profitable niche.

YES, Amazon!

Amazon not only helps you to buy your favourite product but it also helps you to find your niche in blogging 😎 .

Head over to Amazon.

In the magnifying box, you’ll find an “All” sub-menu option. Click over it.

Now, you’ll find a window like below,

Look, these all are niches. You’ve found 10+ niches right away.

But, Hang on!

I’ll show you how to find a more specific niche.

Now, click on any category you liked the most.

For me, I clicked on “sports and outdoor” and then entered,

…and boom, I get a more specific niche list,

Now, If I only focus on any specific niche (for example, “Golf”) I get early success and also become an authority in the niche.

Okay! Do you end up finding one for yourself?

Cool 😎

Now, you’ve found a niche but the work is not done YET.

You need to check if your niche is PROFITABLE or not. 

How do you get if your niche is profitable or not?

Simple, you need to do research.

Oh! Don’t be SCARED to read the term “research”. 

I’ll show you the simple yet digestible process on how to do market research without scratching the head 😉

Step #2: Do market research

Most of the bloggers FAIL because they don’t research their niche before getting started.

In my first blog, I made the same mistake… 

…and eventually, I got FAILURE.

So, I don’t want you to make the same mistake as I did before.

You need to understand the PURPOSE of your blog.

Let me help you to find your blog purpose.

Answer below 2 questions and you’ll end up finding YOUR blog purpose.

Who are your target audiences?

What problems they’re facing and how you could solve their problem with your blog?

Let me help you with an example.

When I started this blog, I asked myself the SAME questions.

Who are my target audiences?

My target audiences are students, housewives, and job-persons who want to earn money online.

What problems they’re facing and how I could solve it with my blog?

They want to learn “how to get started in blogging” and make money out of it. 

I could solve their problem by providing actionable blogging strategies that actually worked for me…

…so at the end, they also make money from their blog. That’s it.

So, my target audience is YOU. 

You’re reading this post because you want to find your niche and start your own blog that eventually makes money.

Am I right?

Cool 🙂

Now, you know your blog purpose. You need to reach to your audience to solve their problems.

…and for that, You need content ideas to post on your blog. 

So, people can find your content online and visit your blog.

Two FREE platforms you can use to find unlimited content ideas.

  • Quora
  • AnswerThePublic


Quora is the question-and-answer platform. People ask questions and other people answer them on this platform.

So, it will be your go through resource to find content ideas…

…because REAL people ask the questions.

Head over to quora. It asks you to sign up if you don’t have an account. Sign up with your Google account.

After that quora ask you about your interest, so they can personalise the feed according to your interest.

Now, enter any word or phrase related to your niche into a magnifying box.

(more specific you write, the more specific content ideas you’ll find)

I entered “abs exercise” into the magnifying box…

…and I end up finding lots of content ideas.

Do with your niche and you’ll find tons of questions which you can use to write content around it.

Don’t forget to note it down in google spreadsheet for later use to write content around it.


ATP is a tool which helps to find content ideas related to word or term you entered below.

ATP’s content idea suggestion directly come from the search engine’s autocomplete sentences.

So, it makes ATP a more powerful tool for hunting content ideas.

Head over to ATP. You’ll find a person starring at YOU on the homepage. (just ignore him)

In the magnifying box enter your word or phrase related to your niche.

I entered “abs exercise” and…

…boom! I got 200+ content ideas right away under 10 seconds 😎

Isn’t it cool?

You’ll get almost EVERY kind of content ideas.


Question format content ideas,

Prepositions format content ideas,

Comparison format content ideas,

…and alphabetical format too 😎

Don’t forget to export all the ideas into your spreadsheet.

Just click over “Download CSV” and you’re DONE.

You’ve figured out your niche.

You’ve even found content ideas.

Now, the next and LAST step is to find a way to monetise your blog.

…because YOU want to make money out of your blog.

Am I right?

Step #3: Find ways to monetise your blog

There are 3 major ways to monetise your blog.

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling own products

Display ads:

I’m sure you’ve seen ads on the website while surfing.

Look below, how display ads look like.


Because the owner of the website has monetised his blog by showing display ads.

The more visitors visit the website, the more he will earn.

Top display ads network to join:

  • Google AdSense
  • Media dot net
  • Mediavine

You need to fill up the signup form to join these networks.

…and if they approve YOU then and ONLY then you can place display ads on your website and earn money from it.

If you ask me, I’m NOT a fan of display ads.

According to me, it spoils user experience.

Most of the time display ads are annoying and sometimes user got frustrated too.

…and to earn a decent income, you need high volume traffic.

Affiliate marketing:

You can make money by promoting other people/company’s product through your blog. 

You need to sign up with affiliate programs and they will give you a unique affiliate link…

…which you’ve to put strategically into your content.

If people click on your affiliate link and buy it, you’ll get commissions.

…and believe me, affiliate marketing is the BEST monetisation method if you’re just getting started.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2018 and I almost forgot about display ads.

With little to less traffic, you can make a decent income with affiliate marketing. 

Here is one of my income proof,

blog earning proof

Sounds like bragging?

NOOO, I’m just showing you the power of affiliate marketing.

Many PRO bloggers make a living just by doing affiliate marketing ALONE.

(Image source: Smart Passive Income)

Look, PRO blogger Pat Flynn earn $105,619.13 in a month by doing affiliate marketing.

It’s a HUGE number.

…and YOU need to know, he is working HARD on his blog since 2013.

So, building a PROFITABLE blog takes time. If you consistently working on your blog you’ll taste the success pretty soon.

I’ve written an in-depth guide on affiliate marketing for beginners, check out once if you want to know more about it.

Selling your own products:

It’s a bit of advance monetisation method, but if you have any POWERFUL product to sell…

…you can make a HUGE income from online.

You can sell ebooks, printables, checklists, digital courses, membership and the ideas are endless…

If you solve people’s problems with your product, people will happily buy your product.

Look below, Alex and Lauren earn $160,250 just by promoting their digital product.

(Image source: Create and Go)


Start with affiliate marketing. Learn the art of selling and then make your own digital product and sell it for a HUGE profit.

Beginners-friendly affiliate programs to join:

  • Amazon associate
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten
  • eBay affiliate

You can find in-house affiliate programs too in your niche.

Just search on google “your topic” + “affiliate program” to find different affiliate programs.

Look below, how I end up finding a couple of affiliate programs with the help of GOOGLE,

how to find affiliate programs

So, You’ve found your interest.

You’ve done market research and even finalise your monetisation method.

NOW what?

Your next step will be to start a MONEY-MAKING blog.

Start your money-making blog

Most beginner bloggers make mistake here. 

They are going with the free hosted platform, like blogger by google.

I also made the same mistake in my earlier days. I wasted 1 year to blog on a free hosted platform.

After a year, I realised my mistake and switched to a self-hosted network. 

To start a self-hosted blog you need to invest in a domain and hosting….

…after that, you need to connect your domain with your hosting provider.

After that, you have to install WordPress and you are good to GO.

But this process may be a headache for YOU if you’re not a tech-savvy person.

That’s why Bluehost is a handy option. 

Bluehost is a WordPress recommended hosting company. Which helps you to start your self hosted blog for $3.95/mo in NO time.

YES! Starting a blog will cost you lower than your Starbuck coffee, only if you start with Bluehost.

Luckily, Bluehost offers you a free domain for the first year if you going through this link. (which will costs you around $10-14 if you purchase it from anywhere else)

Bluehost also offers an automatic WordPress installer option and free SSL certificate.

So, if you’re not a tech-savvy person like me than Bluehost will be life-saver for YOU. 

For BloggingShala reader, Bluehost offer a 60% discount. Grab a deal NOW.

I had written an in-depth guide on how to start a blog from scratch (step by step guide with Screenshots).


Niche selection will decide whether you get success or not in blogging.

You can easily find your niche in blogging by knowing your passion/interest.

Find your passion, do market research and, find the way to monetise your blog…

…and LAST, start a blog from $3.95/mo with Bluehost. 


The real action takers are the winners.

You’re reading till here, I know you’ll take ACTION.

I’ve written an in-depth guide on how to start a blog from scratch (step by step) check out once and start your money-making blog.

I hope you find your niche in blogging. Let me know in the comment if you facing any trouble while finding a niche.

Share this article with your friends who are confused about finding their niche in blogging.


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